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Why Work at Minyard Morris?

A family law firm’s ability to obtain superior results for its clients is dependent on its ability to hire, train and retain the best people. After all, law firms are just people and people are its assets. We continually seek to hire professionals who will contribute to our ability to provide the highest quality family law legal services.

Atmosphere and Environment

Minyard Morris has developed a supportive and collegial atmosphere that promotes team work and professional growth in our Orange County office. The positive attitude of our team creates a pleasant workplace that is rewarding and conducive to solving our clients’ problems. Our atmosphere is friendly and respectful and our team can be described as caring and supportive.

Our policies make it obvious that we value each person’s contributions to the firm. We have designed an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect among team members and reduces work-related stress to the lowest level possible. The foundation of our system is comprised of competence, effective training and proactive case management.

We make it very clear to all prospective team members that people with negative attitudes need not apply. We maintain a workplace that people enjoy. We seek positive, upbeat, compassionate, intelligent, creative and dedicated people who enjoy helping clients and co-workers in a collegial atmosphere.

Minyard Morris has gone to great lengths to create a pleasing physical environment to complement our first-class team. We enjoy beautiful art, an abundance of natural light, up-to-date technology and a roof-top patio for lunches and firm events. Our team is not confined in elevators, we do not share an air ventilation system with other tenants as do many other offices and our offices are equipped with 26 virus-killing Molekule-brand air purifiers.

The firm’s offices are located in Newport Beach, one block northeast of the 73 Freeway at Birch Street. Employees and clients enjoy “next to the building” parking and do not have the hassles of a parking structure or elevators.

The firm has created a classic Orange County environment that attracts and retains the best people, based in large part upon the quality and character of the existing team members.


Minyard Morris has developed its benefits package in such a way to demonstrate its respect and appreciation for its team.

The firm provides its team with:

  • PPO health insurance (HMO option)
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Birthday off (staff)
  • Sick time (staff)
  • Life insurance (supplemental life insurance available)
  • Direct payroll deposit
  • 401(k) plan
  • Educational reimbursement
  • Firm-sponsored social events


Minyard Morris team members enjoy firm-sponsored non-work activities that contribute to the firm’s camaraderie and team spirit. We sponsor after-work get-togethers on the roof-top patio, Angel baseball nights, a billiards events and a bowling tournaments. We have a monthly firm lunch, periodic Starbucks runs for the coffee fans and weekly drawings for on-site free car washes at our offices. Several of the firm’s events are open to spouses or significant others in order to promote relationships beyond the workplace environment. Generally, we have a holiday dinner and a summer party.


The firm contributes time, money and resources to a number of community nonprofit organizations. Minyard Morris supports these projects enthusiastically. In addition to providing the highest quality legal services, the firm’s mission is wedded to serving the community in meaningful ways. Since 2009, Minyard Morris has given more than $1 million to deserving nonprofits.

Application For Employment

If you are interested in applying for employment at Minyard Morris, please email your resume to [email protected].

Photo of the legal professionals at Minyard Morris

Photo of the legal professionals at Minyard Morris