Orange County Divorce Lawyers

Minyard Morris is committed to the immediate and future professional development of its Orange County divorce lawyers. We hire lawyers with the long term in mind. The dollars and time invested in the professional education of our divorce lawyers is unequalled. Click here to see a partial list of continuing education seminars and conferences participated in and/or attended by our lawyers in the last several years.

Because we do not focus on hiring attorneys with family law experience, we take great care and go to significant expense in family law training. We do this through self-study, mentoring by the firm’s experienced family law attorneys, and a wide array of sophisticated outside seminars. We have an extremely extensive family law library consisting of books, seminar materials, audio tapes, DVDs and we frequently view webinars.  Our divorce attorneys are formally and informally mentored by partners and senior associates. Our divorce lawyers have the benefit of a proprietary 1000 page internally created guide supplemented with firm-produced audio tapes. The education process for associates has been refined into a detailed protocol that includes multiple weekly firm wide strategy meetings on all firm cases. Partners have an “open door” policy regarding mentoring.

All Minyard Morris divorce lawyers continue to study family law-related issues at external seminars and in in-house meetings. Our Orange County divorce lawyers are encouraged to become Certified Family Law Specialists. Currently, seven of our divorce attorneys are certified specialists.

We also provide feedback in a wide variety of areas to enhance each divorce lawyer’s professional development. We have a sophisticated career coaching and mentoring program for all professionals. Our structured management systems provide feedback to each team member relative to developing their skills, so as to achieve greater personal success and job satisfaction.

The firm’s objective is to hire attorneys who have excelled in law school and who have meaningful experience in civil litigation.  Excellent people skills and writing skills are essential. A positive attitude and a commitment to excellence is mandatory. Success at the firm requires a team “take charge” attitude and an appreciation and desire for continuing education.

Our divorce lawyers regularly attend firm financed seminars sponsored by The Rutter Group, Attorney’s Briefcase, The Orange County Bar Association, The Beverly Hills Bar Association, The Los Angeles Bar Association, AICPA, CALCPA Foundation, the CEB and the ABA. Selected divorce attorneys attend the eight-day Houston Family Law Litigation Institute. Most of our divorce attorneys have attended the five-day Advanced Family Law Seminar sponsored by The Rutter Group/CFLR at least once. The firm has organized internal seminars specifically tailored to our practice and presented by local and national experts.