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At Minyard Morris Family Law, our practice is limited to Orange County. Because family law has so many nuances, it is important to be represented by a divorce attorney who knows the local practices and local rules. Our divorce attorneys near Seal Beach limit their practice to family law, which gives them a comprehensive understanding of cases and statutes pertaining to divorce law and custody issues in Orange County.

At Minyard Morris Family Law, our Seal Beach divorce attorneys believe in collaboration and teamwork. We have almost 200 years of combined legal experience. We do not function as a loosely associated group of sole practitioners, but rather as a team that collaborates as a unit on unique or complex issues. While our clients will retain one specific divorce attorney for their case, they will have an entire team functioning as consultants in the background. Our firms’ goal is to accept clients whose objectives we can realistically achieve and to provide the highest quality legal services in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

Our divorce attorneys near Seal Beach are dedicated to providing an unparalleled combination of depth of experience and quality of service. Our attorneys represent our clients aggressively and with a sense of urgency, within the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and ethics to achieve the best possible results.

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What Our Orange County Family Law Clients Say

God forbid anyone has to go through a divorce (clean or messy). You will feel a level of stress that is indescribable. When I was first going through the process I was filing papers on my own without any knowledge or experience. As time went by I started seeking consultations and realized that if I wanted my case to go smoothly I'll need a knowledgeable law firm.

After a few hiccups I decided to INVEST in a firm that has many knowledgeable attorneys in the specific field of FAMILY LAW. I had a curve-ball thrown my way to make my case even messier. This was the lowest point of my life.

My attorney's name is June Chung. June took my case and defended/protected me as if I were his own brother. June's experience and attention to detail gave me comfort and hope in one of the toughest times of my life. June understands the emotional state one goes through in these types of moments but keeps a HIGH level of professionalism and ethical standard. Thanks to June's relentless pursuit for justice he SUCCESSFULLY cleared me of my curve-ball. As you can imagine there is a monetary price to this. I chose to look at this as an "investment" in myself and my future rather than an "expense."

Minyard-Morris is the BEST family law firm in SoCal so justice won't come for a bargain. Go check out their website and accolades. With Minyard-Morris you get what you pay for and that means you get the BEST.

- R.M.

I do not have enough words to express the gratitude I have for my attorney, Lonnie K Seide, in Newport Beach. Lonnie handled my entire divorce proceeding a few years ago and continued to represent me with post-divorce issues.

With my very difficult marriage I knew my ensuing divorce would be extremely challenging. I was encouraged by attorney friends in the Los Angeles region to seek out the legal services of the very reputable and established firm: Minyard/Morris in Newport Beach. Within the firm I was referred to Lonnie Seide who had much experience with divorces involving family owned practices/businesses. With his legal expertise and tenacity, he was able to pull me through a very difficult divorce.

Lonnie Seide was steadfast in every area. I appreciated not only his knowledge of the law but his application of it in regards to documentation and court preparation. All material produced was very professional, straightforward, and complete. I did not have to worry about deadlines being met or documents missed. Lonnie and his staff are extremely organized and consistent with producing polished work and needed calculations.

Communication was always present. If there were questions in regards to understanding material or legalities Lonnie took the time and patience to explain what was mandatory. He was very quick in response time to both phone calls and emails (wn 24-48 hr.) And if there were foreseen delays, I was informed by his staff of court days or conference meetings. Lonnie has excellent delivery in the courtroom. He is assertive, knowledgeable, and well respected. This was assuring for me through all court appearances and trials.

All these components attributed to the optimal judgment and final decision given by the judge. Although I had a very difficult and manipulative ex-husband, who himself had a notable attorney, the judge was able to clearly see the evidence presented.

Having dependable and strong representation is crucial when two parties are unable to resolve issues together on their own. The law is also very intricate and complex. My divorce issues were grueling and highly emotional. Having Lonnie and his team brought me a sense of security and protection. I would not have survived this ordeal if it had not been for him! I would recommend Lonnie Seide to anyone!

- Lydia W.

Mark Minyard is by far known as creative, sensitive, methodical and a true family law professional. He is a high end family law attorney- you must have the means to hire him however his record is stellar and all those who know him speak of him as a kind and generous man- outside the courtroom. You're blessed if he takes your case and will find peace in the most difficult times.

- Jennifer Y.

I worked with Matthew Buttacavoli. I was very impressed by his knowledge and conscientiousness. The personnel at the firm are professional and friendly and very responsive.

- Karen W.

My experience with Minyard Morris was very positive. Lonnie Seide is an outstanding attorney. He is reliable, professional and compassionate. He not only provided his level of expertise, but also offered emotional and practical support which can be an invaluable benefit during the divorce process. He is an honest and caring person who looks out for your best interest but also the best interest of your children. I felt he was there to guide and counsel and truly took the time to help me reach decisions that best addressed my concerns while helping me not get caught up in the emotional aspect of the process. I highly recommend Lonnie and have referred him many times.

- Gina Y.

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