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Family Law Knowledge Database

If you are facing a divorce or custody issue, the decisions you make now will affect your life for years to come. To make good, informed choices, it’s important to learn about how the law works and your options.

That is why we invite you to explore topics relevant to you in our Knowledge Database. Knowledge is power and here you will find explanatory material to help you understand family law processes and procedures that will affect your future.

To be sure, this information does not take the place of having a lawyer to guide you. It does not provide legal advice. It can, however, be a useful and cost-saving tool, allowing you to educate yourself on many key concepts so that your meeting with an attorney will be efficient and effective. The better prepared you are for this meeting, the more value you will receive from it.


If you’re just getting started, take a look at the list of titles in our Articles section. You will find a range of topics to select from. For example, for people who are dealing with a spouse with mental health issues, our article on divorce and personality disorders is likely to be illuminating.

Case Updates

The legal parameters within which your case will be resolved are greatly affected by existing case law. To get a sense of how courts make decisions about disputed issues, see our case updates that are located in this section.


Many specific questions commonly recur in divorce and family law. In our FAQ section, you can use the dropdown menu to get answers to many different questions on issues that include business valuation, separate property, inheritences, commingling, property division, custody and parenting time, and many more.


With many issues, a visual depiction of the relevant factors is helpful in understanding their application. In our Infographics section, you will find an alphabetical list of key topics, from allocation of value when dividing a business to spousal support.