Selecting an Orange County Divorce Lawyer

Men and women looking for an Orange County divorce lawyer often seek referrals from professionals or friends. If an individual does not have a credible source for a referral or does not want to disclose their desire to seek information about a divorce, they may perform their own research on the internet.  It can be problematic to find the right Orange County divorce lawyer using the internet. In fact, it can be problematic finding the right divorce lawyer even if the selection is referral based.

Selecting the right Orange County divorce lawyer is extremely critical to achieve a favorable result. You should avoid making the wrong choice and being forced to switch divorce lawyers in the middle of your case. Divorce lawyers are as different as are clients. No one divorce lawyer is right for every client. Below are some factors that you may want to consider in selecting your Orange County divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer vs. Divorce Law Firm

One issue to consider is what benefit there may be to retaining a sizable firm as opposed to a sole practitioner or small firm.  Does a firm bring added value to the representation?  Do the resources of a firm increase the opportunity for a better result?  Can a divorce lawyer practicing alone or with one other lawyer provide the depth of experience and backup necessary to compete?  If a client retains a sole practitioner or a small firm, what happens to the case when the lawyer is on vacation, ill, or involved in a long trial?  With 15 Orange County divorce lawyers we have the depth necessary to immediately address any emergencies.  The progress of your case does not stop just because your divorce lawyer is unavailable.  Retaining a divorce lawyer in our firm brings with it the experience of 15 divorce lawyers with varied backgrounds and experiences.  These experiences were accumulated in excess of over 200 years.  We leverage this experience for our client's benefit by holding multiple strategy meetings weekly where the firm's divorce lawyers collaborate and analyze our client's cases.  These meetings focus on strategies, cost-benefit analysis, and the law.  The meetings take place Mondays at 5:00 p.m. and during mid-week lunches.

We discuss the issues, the opposing divorce attorney involved in the case and the judge assigned to the case.  Our institutional knowledge of Orange County family law, the judges and the other family law attorneys, make these meetings invaluable to our clients and the result.

The meetings are even more valuable to our clients considering that our 15 divorce lawyers are thoroughly educated in the most recent developments in family law.  We have spent approximately $100,000 annually for over a decade, making certain that all of our Orange County divorce attorneys stay on the cutting edge of all of the latest developments.

Selecting an Orange County Divorce Lawyer

Infographic - Selecting an Orange County Divorce Lawyer
  • It is important to know which Orange County divorce attorney in a firm will actually represent you at a hearing or trial.
  • It may make economic sense to retain a divorce lawyer for a specific part of a case rather than the entire matter. This procedure is referred to as "unbundling" or "limited scope representation."
  • A client may prefer a male or female divorce lawyer.
  • If your matter is a high net worth matter, involves complex issues or involves the ownership of a business, does the lawyer have relevant experience in these areas?  Has he/she actually litigated these type of issues in a trial?

Preparing For The Initial Conference With Your Orange County Divorce Attorney

Part of the process in retaining an Orange County divorce attorney is preparing for the initial conference.  Review our Initial Consultation outline before the consultation.  Our outline will maximize the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and value of your initial consultation.  Often the initial consultation is one of the most important meetings. You will be hearing things that will import very important decisions in your life.


If an Orange County divorce lawyer is found through a referral, consider the basis and details of the referral.  Some lawyers refer to other lawyers for a referral fee.  Other lawyers make referrals based on an implied agreement for cross-referrals.  Some referrals are made to best friends rather than the best divorce lawyer.  Ask the referring person why they refer to a particular divorce lawyer.  Generally, the response is that they are referring the lawyers because he or she is one of the best.  How can all Orange County divorce lawyers who receive referrals be among the best?  Independent research should be conducted.


There are many companies that allow the public to rate lawyers, doctors, dentists, judges, and almost every type of business.  While reviews can be helpful, they should be carefully analyzed.  Some reviewers are not the divorce lawyer's own clients - they are the losing and opposing side of a case, posing as a client.  Some firms pay for reviews.  Divorce attorneys may pay clients for reviews and can hire reputation management firms to create reviews.  Reviews can be helpful, but they should be carefully analyzed.

Office Location

Does it matter where your divorce lawyer's office is located?  It should not.  Of course, an excellent divorce lawyer may be located in a small town, a second or third-class building, or shabbily decorated office.  Do not retain a divorce lawyer only because he or she has a nice office. That said, better divorce lawyers have offices in nicer buildings and geographic areas.  Why?  Because they have a better clientele and can afford to have nicer offices.  A divorce lawyer who expends time, effort, and resources on an office might spend more time and attention on your case because a professional who pays more attention to detail in one area of life may do the same in other areas of life.  Selection of an Orange County divorce attorney is an extremely important strategic decision.  The choice should not be dictated by the proximity of the divorce lawyer's office to a client's home or work.  Driving a few additional miles to the "right" Orange County divorce lawyer is time well spent - look at the entire package.  Hire the right divorce lawyer for your case regardless of the location of the office.  A few extra miles may make a significant difference in the quality of an Orange County divorce lawyer and the results of your case.  You will find that you will most likely not need to personally meet your divorce lawyer often.

Awards and Accolades

Do not place undue emphasis on awards when selecting your Orange County divorce lawyer. All awards and accolades are not equal in integrity and importance and should not be given equal weight.  It can be difficult to research the integrity of some award granting entities.  There are many accolades that are available for purchase to almost all Orange County divorce attorneys.  Some impressive sounding awards may be purchased for as little as $350 per year.  At one point five divorce lawyers in our firm received letters from an organization notifying each of us that we had all been selected to be members of a select prestigious national group of lawyers.  In the materials, we were asked to mail the organization a check as a membership fee.  We declined the offer of membership.

Orange County Divorce Lawyers

It is our belief that it is in a client's best interest to be represented by an Orange County divorce lawyer, not by an out of county divorce lawyer, even if that lawyer co-counsels with an Orange County divorce lawyer.  Having two separate firms represent a client is more costly, increases the chances for mix ups between the firms, may create conflicts in strategy, and may cause other significant problems.