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An Orange County Divorce Law Firm Dedicated To Professionalism And Integrity

Founded by attorney Mark E. Minyard, Minyard Morris is the firm for people who expect excellence at every stage of their divorce representation. Our team of creative legal professionals relies on decades of experience to quickly grasp the important issues in every case and work tirelessly to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Teamwork Translates Into Results

Minyard Morris offers a unique approach to client service. You will be matched and work one-on-one with an attorney whose experience, skills and personality are tailored to your goals, expectations and needs. With 19 attorneys, we offer a broad-based scope of experience and knowledge. The firm’s lawyers participate in three scheduled weekly case analysis and strategy conferences. This collaborative approach affords you the collective benefit of the knowledge and skill of all 19 Orange County family law attorneys, something no other family law firm offers. Learn more about each of our attorneys here:

What You Can Expect

At Minyard Morris, we offer an exceptional level of professionalism, ethics and integrity. You can expect the highest level of service, attention and commitment to your case. You can expect your attorney to listen, to understand and pursue your goals and to fully support you at all stages of your case. Most of all, you will receive strategic advice with an analysis of all options relative to your goals, taking into consideration the cost-benefit of each option.

Why Minyard Morris

Our firm is committed to your privacy. We do not publicize or disclose our client list or results. To further narrow our specialization, we have limited our practice for over 45 years exclusively to cases filed in Orange County in order to maximize our knowledge of the rules, customs, practices, preferences and leanings of each Orange County family law judge, which we believe gives us an advantage and the ability to represent our clients that is unmatched. The firm and our divorce attorneys have been widely recognized for their skill, as evidenced by our numerous certifications, appointments, board work, accolades, awards and distinctions. In fact, a great majority of our clients are referrals from colleagues and past clients.

Preparing for Your Consultation

At Minyard Morris, we understand that divorce can raise fears and anxieties. Your initial consultation with us is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively educate you about the law that relates to your issues and to minimize your concerns about the unknowns. We want you to be as prepared as possible for our first meeting, which is why we ask that you review our initial consultation outline. Spending time organizing your thoughts, questions and concerns before our meeting is one of the best ways to alleviate your stress and apprehension. Retaining the right law firm is another way to help manage your concerns and anxieties.

Take The Next Step

If you are ready to take the next step, call 949-724-1111 and speak with a team member. We can put you in touch with the information you need, as well as schedule an initial consultation. You can also reach us online and we will respond promptly.