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Managing Your Legal Costs

Clients should focus on minimizing their legal costs. Clients directly affect the amount of attorney’s fees incurred. Actions and inactions will impact the amount of time required to resolve a case, whether it is a simple or a complex matter.

How to Minimize Attorney’s Fees

The following will contribute to an efficient, cost effective resolution of your case, minimize your attorney’s fees and lessen the time required to complete your case by many months:

  • Thoughtfully set your objectives and goals early in the case and try to avoid changing them;
  • Set realistic expectations;
  • Don’t fight issues as a matter of “principle;”
  • Compromise when appropriate;
  • View decisions about financial matters as “business decisions,” rather than emotional ones;
  • Retain an attorney who you respect professionally, who shares your general philosophy regarding your divorce and its resolution and whose advice you will follow;
  • Cooperate with your divorce lawyer and provide the requested documents and information as soon as is reasonably possible; and
  • Be honest with your attorney, tell the full story and volunteer all relevant facts – even if you are not asked for them specifically.

Communicate openly, honestly and proactively with your attorney regarding your case. Your communication is confidential, and your attorney can address an issue much more efficiently if they are made aware of the issue and all of the facts from the outset.

Settlement is Generally the Best Way to Resolve a Divorce

At Minyard Morris, we know that whenever possible, a case should be settled instead of litigated. With almost 300 years of combined experience and a team of 19 experienced divorce attorneys, we understand how to make this happen. When circumstances warrant it, we use mediation to help expedite the resolution of a case.

Unfortunately, there are cases where one spouse is determined to “have their day in court.” When one party refuses to cooperate and insists on a trial, then a settlement is no longer a viable option. In those cases, the only way to get a resolution is to proceed to trial. The most expedient path to resolution is to avoid delays, set realistic expectations and demands, be willing to participate in good-faith negotiations, and if necessary go to trial.

A Team of Skilled Divorce Attorneys on Your Side

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