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How Can the Minyard Morris Website Help Me?

Our website is designed as a self-help tool for people considering a divorce, regardless of whether they intend to retain a divorce lawyer or not.

The infographics listed by topic on this page will assist you in understanding family law processes and procedures, identifying the issues relevant to your divorce, learning about the basic law and helping you prepare a basic settlement plan.

Our website is an excellent primer on many basic issues and general rules. There are many exceptions to the general rules.  Issues can turn on very minor facts and are often subject to the discretion of the court, as there are many gray areas in the law.

Note: Family law can be very complex. Our website is not intended to provide legal advice.

Should I Review the Website Even if I Intend to Retain an Orange County Divorce Lawyer?

Yes! If you intend to retain divorce lawyer, our website will be a useful and cost saving tool. Lawyers charge their hourly rates to explain many of the exact issues addressed on our website. Our objective is to help you to learn the basics before you meet with one of our divorce lawyers.

Before seeing a lawyer, spend time properly preparing for the initial conference, which may be one of the most important meetings you have with a lawyer.  The better prepared you are for the initial consultation, the more value you will receive from the conference.

Carefully review Initial Consultation Preparation. This section will give you an outline and structure to prepare for the initial meeting. This section was prepared with the input of 15 divorce lawyers expressing their opinions as to how to maximize the efficiency and value of the first meeting with a divorce lawyer.

Review managing Your Legal Costs. This section provides you with valuable tips and insight as to how to either spend less on attorneys fees or spend less on attorneys fees. Our assumption is that you would rather spend less!