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Your relationship with your children is one of the most important things in your life and undoubtedly of chief concern during your Orange County divorce. You need an experienced divorce attorney who will find practical solutions to the child custody issues that arise during your case. Your custody attorney should also educate you so that you may make informed decisions that help you achieve your custody goals and objectives.

At Minyard Morris our team of 19 experienced Orange County divorce attorneys understands how to tailor a child custody solution to your situation and negotiate a parenting plan that will work best for you and your children. We recognize that there are many aspects to consider, the fundamental element being, what is in the best interest of your child or children.

Two Types Of Child Custody

There are two basic types of child custody orders: legal custody and physical custody. Legal child custody allows the parent the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the child’s health, education and welfare. If parents are unable to agree on these issues, the court may award one parent legal custody in a single area such as education or health. Physical custody pertains to time sharing and where the child lives. Many Orange County family law judges start from the position that a shared 50/50 child custody arrangement is in a child’s best interest.

What To Expect From The Orange County Custody Court

Divorcing parents often disagree on child custody issues. When this occurs, the Orange County family law court creates an order regarding both physical custody and legal custody.

The judge’s focus will always be what he or she perceives to be in the best interest of the child. Although somewhat subjective, California law does provide a list of factors for the judge to consider that includes:

  • Each party’s parenting skills and ability to co-parent
  • The child’s age and needs, including ties to school and the community
  • Any history of substance abuse or domestic violence by either party
  • The child’s preference, if mature and old enough for consideration

The judge will also determine child support if the parties cannot agree on this issue.

Effective Lawyering In Child Custody Matters

Properly handling child custody disputes requires a child custody attorney with many different and distinct lawyering skills. Because continued conflict is not good for adults or children, a settlement is most often the best way to resolve child custody issues. Parties should only opt to fight child custody if they believe that there is no realistic alternative. Our Orange County divorce attorneys understand this fact and follow this philosophy.

The 19 divorce attorneys at Minyard Morris have almost 300 years of combined Orange County legal experience. Few, if any, Orange County child custody law firms offer this extensive level of legal knowledge and experience. Our distinguished divorce attorneys also assist clients with modifications of child custody orders and representation in paternity actions for parents who were never married..

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At Minyard Morris, we know that the best solutions to child custody issues are child-centric. This means we work with parents who are committed to the health and well-being of their children in child custody cases. Call 949-724-1111 or reach us online to find out more about our services.