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At Minyard Morris, our team of 19 experienced family law attorneys will creatively focus their efforts on ensuring that you have the strategic advice you need for a successful divorce, whether it is a high net worth divorce or a more traditional one. As a divorce law firm that has been serving Orange County clients for over 48 years, we understand that there is more than one path to the dissolution of a marriage.  We opened our doors for business in 1977.

As a client of Minyard Morris, you will receive a specifically selected Orange County divorce attorney to represent you throughout your case. In addition, our entire team of divorce attorneys meet in person three times weekly to discuss strategy and resolution of our firm’s cases.  So you will also receive the experience and insight of 19 family law attorneys dedicated to working exclusively on Orange County family law matters.

Most California divorces address certain cornerstone issues, including:

  • Division of property – You will want to advise your lawyer as to your desires regarding the division of property, from the furniture to investments.
  • Child custody and parenting plans – If you have children, the court will expect you to create a proposed plan for allocating parenting responsibilities. This step can be emotional and difficult, but we are here to help you protect your relationship with your child and your rights.
  • Child support – Child support payments are calculated based on a formula established under California law, and depends on many factors. We will show you the actual program printouts so you will know what to anticipate.
  • Spousal support – Our divorce attorneys have extensive experience with the Orange County courts and understand the most effective strategies for protecting our clients’ financial future.

California’s Community Property Law

California is a community property state, but what exactly does that mean? In essence, property you or your spouse acquired during your marriage belongs to you both equally. The law requires the court to divide this property equally between you. Although this seems straightforward, these rules contain a number of exceptions. Complexities can arise in the division of property when the parties disagree on valuations or when commingling of separate and community property has occurred. Conflicts may also occur when both parties desire to be awarded the same assets.

In addition, prenuptial agreements may impact the outcome of an Orange County case. Creating a full and accurate analysis of your assets, liabilities and income is an important step toward safeguarding your assets and creating a plan to settle your case or trying it in court.

Connect With A Team That Is On Your Side

Whether your Orange County divorce is a high net worth divorce or a more traditional one, you should not face divorce alone. You need a team of proven professionals who will understand your goals and work to protect you and your rights every step of the way. That team is the Minyard Morris team. Contact our Newport Beach office at 949-724-1111 or via our confidential firm email to arrange your initial consultation.