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Effective Approaches to Divorce for Business Owners and Professionals

Business owners and professionals face unique financial issues during a divorce that require a skilled divorce attorney with specific experience in handling complex and high-asset divorces. If you find yourself in this position, turn to divorce attorneys who have experience with executing creative and strategic solutions designed to meet your goals and resolve your case.

With 16 divorce attorneys whose exclusive focus is Orange County family law, the team at Minyard Morris provides its clients with a comprehensive approach and collaborative culture combined with unparalleled experience and knowledge in the area of complex divorces. This singular focus and team effort allows each of our attorneys to find effective and creative approaches for resolving complex issues for high-level professionals and business owners.

Accurate Valuation is the Top Priority

The court cannot award a complex asset such as a business to either party until it determines the asset’s value. Handling these matters requires a working knowledge of valuation principles, taxation, compensation issues, accounting principles, general foundational business knowledge, the complex and conflicting divorce valuation statutes, relevant case law and superior divorce litigation skills. To achieve the best results, we utilize the best experts with knowledge specific to the asset in question.

Who Owns the Business?

In California, there are two types of property: separate and community. If one party owned a business before the marriage, the business is separate property, owned solely by the party who formed it. The court may, however, require that party to reimburse the community for a portion of the increase in value during the marriage.

Skilled Guidance for Business Owners and Professionals

For over 45 years, Minyard Morris has provided business owners and upper-level professionals high-caliber divorce representation. To discuss your options with a knowledgeable divorce attorney, call our Newport Beach office 949-724-1111 or send us an email enquiry to schedule a consultation.