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Trusted Representation for Business Interests

If your divorce involves a business interest, that interest may be the most valuable asset at issue in your property division. Proper analysis of the business is crucial to the outcome of the case. You will want to rely on experts to assess the value of the business. You need a divorce attorney with experience in handling complex and high-asset property divorce cases.

At Minyard Morris, our team of 19 divorce attorneys understands that early retention of a divorce valuation expert can be critical in the crafting and development of settlement offers, case strategy and overall analysis. Our divorce attorneys have extensive knowledge of valuation principles, foundational business knowledge and excellent litigation skills. We engage only experienced, highly reputable and proven experts qualified to provide testimony in court.

Why a Business Needs to be Valued by an Expert

Experts provide opinions on the value of the real estate, machinery, computers, intellectual property or other tangible or intangible property. The valuation may also need to differentiate between operating and non-operating assets. The expert may need to provide opinions on tax, reasonable compensation, working capital requirements, reasonable rates of return and a myriad of other issues.

The Timing or a Business Valuation

The valuation date of a business in a divorce may significantly impact the valuation itself. The family code and case law address the valuation date, but generally, a business is valued as close to the date of settlement or trial as is reasonably practical. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some businesses, like a small law practice, may be valued on the date of separation.

Minyard Morris focuses on Representing Parties Who Own Business Interests

The State Bar of California recognizes family law as a specialized practice area. Representing clients in divorce matters that involve the valuation of business interests is even more specialized. The Minyard Morris team includes attorneys with the distinction of being Certified Specialists in Family Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Our wealth of family law experience in complex divorces directly impacts the quality of the legal services that we provide and the results we achieve.

Although every client at Minyard Morris has a dedicated attorney assigned to their case, our collaborative team approach means that you will benefit from the experience and perspective of all 19 of our dedicated and experienced divorce attorneys.

Discuss Your Business Valuation With Our Team

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