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The Benefits of Creating Your Own Child Custody Agreements

For many divorcing parents, no part of their final judgment is more important than the child custody agreement. Nearly every parent wants the agreement to reflect their own wishes regarding child custody matters. Many people find that creating their own child custody agreement allows them more control over the final outcome, while also tailoring the plan to fit the specific needs of their family.

The 19 divorce attorneys at Minyard Morris can help you create a child custody plan that not only addresses your family’s unique situation but also meets the family law court’s criteria for approval. We have been assisting families with child custody issues for over 45 years, and our attorneys have practiced exclusively in Orange County for that period. We are familiar with the philosophies of our local family law judges and understand the most likely result of a child custody trial. Our team understands the types of arrangements likely to succeed or fail if the issue is litigated and excels at finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

Streamlined Process

If you and your former spouse reach a child custody agreement early in the process, the judge will not require you to attend court-mandated child custody mediation. The judge will sign most child custody stipulations and will not question either of your decisions relative to these matters except on rare occasions.

If you cannot agree, however, the judge will require court-mandated child custody mediation. The process is confidential. The results of the mediation are only reported to the judge when and if you and your spouse reach an agreement. If mediation does not produce an agreement, your attorney will still attempt to negotiate a resolution.

Gaining the Court’s Approval

Although the judge will give great deference to an agreement created by the parties, the arrangement still must meet certain conditions. For example, the court will not honor an agreement between the parties that designates the plan as non-modifiable. The divorce court always retains the ability to make future orders that modify the terms of any child custody order.

When the divorce court must make orders relative to child custody, it will make the determination based on the best interests of the child, while still addressing the practical needs of you and your children.

Modifying an Existing Child Custody Order

Life changes are inevitable. For that reason, all child custody orders are subject to modification. When one parent requests a modification, they must generally show that a “substantial change of circumstances” has occurred. When your carefully tailored child custody agreement faces this type of change, we are here to facilitate a new arrangement that will protect your time with your children.

Take Charge Of Your Child Custody Arrangement

At Minyard Morris, we are committed to providing the sound counsel needed to ensure that your children are the top priority. Call 949-724-1111 or contact us via email to find out how we can assist you in creating the child custody agreement that will work best for you and your children.