Modification Of Spousal Support Orders

Either you or your former spouse can request that the court modify spousal support based on changes in income or other circumstances. At Minyard Morris, we understand the law and life’s changes. 

Are Temporary Spousal Support Orders Modifiable?

Divorce case law states that there need not be a change in circumstances to modify a temporary spousal support order. However, as a practical matter, most divorce courts require a change in circumstances before modifying a temporary order. Spousal support can be modified retroactively only to the date of the filing and service of a Request For Order seeking to modify the support.

Are All Permanent Spousal Support Orders Modifiable?

A permanent spousal support order may be modified by the divorce court upward or downward if there has been a change in circumstances (IRMO Clements). We can help you determine if your situation may warrant modification by the court. The family law court does not have jurisdiction to modify nonmodifiable orders.

Spousal Support is Modifiable

Spousal Support is Modifiable

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Discuss Your Modification Questions With Us

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