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Part 1: Should you change your name after divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Divorce

There’s a seemingly infinite number of problems, questions and worries to be addressed in a divorce. For people who changed their last name in marriage – taking the spouse’s last name or adding it to your own – the end of your marriage includes an opportunity for you to craft a new post-divorce identity.

It’s probably best not to rush the decision of what you’ll do with your name. A recent Forbes article urges people in this position to think about how your name identifies you, and how you want to be identified after your divorce.

Seven questions to ask yourself

Author Heather L. Locus is a CPA, tax advisor and wealth manager who has gone through divorce. In her Forbes column, she suggests several questions to ask yourself about your present and post-divorce name:

“How closely tied is your sense of identity with your last name?”

Is your married name how you’re known in the community and in your career? Consider factors such as recognition, respect and reputation when considering a name-change and whether the change would be worth altering any or all of them.

Consider your emotional reaction to a change as well; it can be difficult to change a name you’ve had for a good portion of your life.

“How do you feel about your marriage?”

If thoughts of your marriage and divorce are painful, your married name might trigger negative feelings. Restarting life with a new name might be a good idea.

We will have more questions to ask yourself about a possible change of name in an upcoming post to our Orange County family law blog. Please check back.