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Our 19 experienced divorce lawyers at Minyard Morris have been serving clients throughout Orange County, including Corona Del Mar, with all aspects of divorce for over 47 years. Each marriage is as unique as the two people in it. If that marriage dissolves, it will require a strategy that is just as unique.

Each one of our divorce attorneys is dedicated and responsive to their own individual clients. However, our firm provides our legal team regular opportunities to collaborate, ensuring that your case will benefit from the knowledge and 280 years of our lawyer’s combined experience. For any Corona Del Mar divorce, including those with complicated asset divisions, our experienced lawyers can help assist

Finding the Right Lawyer for You and Your Case

If you do not have a referral to an Orange County divorce lawyer that you have confidence in, How To Strategically Hire The Firm Lawyers Hire can help you in your search for the right lawyer for you and your case.

Helping Clients In Corona Del Mar With California’s Community Property Laws

In a divorce, the State of California follows community property laws. This means that any marital property or assets acquired during the marriage are presumed to be community property which must be divided equally between the parties upon divorce.

What Is A Marital Asset?

Any assets or property acquired after the date of the couple’s marriage is considered community property – with a few exceptions. Community property is divided equally between the parties. Any separate property remains with the spouse who owns the asset.

What Is Separate Property?

In California, separate property is defined as an asset owned by a party prior to the marriage. Separate property also includes an inheritance or gifts that have been received by a party during the marriage. In addition, separate property includes income received after the date of the parties’ separation.

When Your Divorce Involves A Complex Property Division

Whenever a divorce involves complicated wealth and high net worth, there is an increased likelihood that the divorce may be contentious. Our 19 divorce attorneys at Minyard Morris have reputations as being innovative and strategic. We are highly respected among our peers within the legal community. We also have extensive experience with complex high-profile and high net worth divorce cases. If your divorce involves significant wealth or complex issues relating to property division our divorce lawyers will work tirelessly on your behalf to protect your rights and preserve your wealth.

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