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Child custody disputes require a blend of compassion, legal acumen and strength. With over 46 years of dedicated service in family law, Minyard Morris offers all of these. We stand out for our successful results in high asset divorces and complex family law cases in Orange County.

The 19 lawyers at Minyard Morris have a combined experience of almost 300 years of practice. We limit our practice to family law matters filed in Orange County. We have been serving the residents of Irvine since 1971. Retain the law firm Irvine knows and trusts.

Why choose Minyard Morris for your Irvine child custody case? Because we prioritize your peace of mind and the well-being of your family, using our extensive experience in mediation to foster amicable solutions that also protects our client’s rights. If results matter, spend the time necessary to compare lawyers and law firms.

What To Expect In An Orange County Child Custody Case

Child custody refers to how parents will share responsibilities and time with their children if no longer married or dating. The primary considerations include:

  • Physical custody: Where the child lives
  • Legal custody: Decisions about the child’s education, health and welfare

In California, these can be awarded as either sole custody to one parent or joint custody between both parents. Our Irvine child custody attorneys can help you better understand these terms, how they apply to your situation and what else to expect from your unique situation.

Helping You With Relocation Considerations

One of the more complex issues in child custody arises when a parent wishes to relocate with the child. Some of the most common reasons for moving include new job opportunities, closer family connections, a new relationship or a chance at a fresh start in a new place. However, such decisions can significantly affect the existing custody arrangement and require careful legal consideration. Before relocation, you need to obtain consent from your child’s other parent or petition the court for a relocation order. Our Irvine divorce lawyers are skilled in addressing these sensitive issues, ensuring that your rights are protected while also considering the impact on your child.

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