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Divorce is a deeply personal and often challenging and emotional experience. For the residents of Villa Park, navigating these waters can be significantly smoother with the support of a team of experienced divorce lawyers. When deciding on the “right” divorce lawyer to represent your interests, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research due diligence.

Evaluate multiple lawyers and law firms, scrutinizing what their websites reveal and, importantly, what they omit. For those in Villa Park, the decision should be rather easy if you spend the time to really evaluate your many options. There are few things that are more important than selecting the “right” lawyer for you and your interests when going through a divorce. This is a decision that you will think back on for many years.

Why Minyard Morris?

Established in 1977, Minyard Morris has dedicated over 46 years to serving the Villa Park community. Our firm’s 19 divorce attorneys boast nearly 300 combined years of experience.  Our skilled team includes 9 attorneys who are Certified Family Law Specialists, certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Our firm has grown to become the largest family law firm exclusively practicing in Orange County for several reasons. Among these is our commitment to listening to our clients, understanding their goals, and vigorously working to achieve them while prioritizing exceptional client service. We strive to transition our Villa Park clients from current clients to former clients as quickly and smoothly as possible, helping them move forward to their next life chapter with urgency and resolution.

Our Divorce and Family Law Practice Areas

From the outset, we focus on finding solutions, ensuring we’re prepared long before any trial or hearing and in hopes of arriving at a favorable settlement and thus avoiding the courtroom and a trial. Our areas of expertise in family law include:

Family law extends beyond the complexities of child custody, domestic violence, and support. A divorce is a division of a partnership and its community assets. The law provides that all community assets (not separate property of either spouse) shall be allocated in such a way that each party receives 50% of the total estate. While this sounds simple, it is not because of the very specific detailed and nuanced statutes and case law that controls the amazing number of different scenarios including when separate property and community property time and or money are commingled in accounts or in assets, among many other fact patterns.

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If you live in the Villa Park community and are ready to consult with a lawyer for a fact finding, legal analysis and strategy session, call Minyard Morris at 949-724-1111 to schedule an appointment.  You can also send us an inquiry using our online contact form.