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Child custody cases are among the most daunting and emotionally charged legal battles one can face. At Minyard Morris, we deeply understand the high stakes of these proceedings and the profound impact they have on your family’s future.  Residents in Dana Point, a city on the coast, is located in the heart of Orange County, a region home to over 600 attorneys handling child custody cases, have no problem finding ‘a’ lawyer to represent them in child custody matters.  But, the test is not finding ‘a’ lawyer, it is to find the ‘right’ lawyer for you and your set of facts. Our team stands out for our unwavering commitment to each client’s unique needs.

Dedicated Expertise Since 1977

Since our establishment in 1977, Minyard Morris has focused exclusively on family law, deliberately choosing to serve only clients within Orange County to maintain a sharp focus and deep understanding of local court dynamics. Our team comprises 19 skilled family law attorneys, including 8 Certified Family Law Specialists certified by the California State Bar. Four of our lawyers are Fellows in the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the most of any family law firm on Orange County.  Our firm has more awards and accolades than any other Orange County family law firm—review our website for the impressive details.  Collectively, we bring nearly 300 years of experience to navigate the complexities of child custody with efficiency, precision, and empathy.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Lawyer

The selection of a child custody lawyer transcends mere credentials. It’s crucial to choose an advocate whose expertise, passion, and focus are aligned with your family’s needs. Unlike some Dana Point attorneys who may only handle child custody cases if other types of family law matters are not available, our dedicated lawyers view your case through the lens of its singular importance in your life. The consequences of engaging an underqualified or indifferent attorney can resonate deeply and detrimentally across the lives of both you and your children for years to come.

Addressing Complex Child Custody Challenges with Specialized Services

We handle a range of complex child custody issues with comprehensive legal services tailored to each unique situation:

  • Parental Alienation: We approach these sensitive cases with the legal acumen needed to navigate  this issue effectively.
  • Child Relocation: Our team assists clients through the intricate process involved when a custodial parent wishes to move with the child.
  • Legal and Physical Custody Conflicts: We advocate fervently to establish and protect your parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Custody Order Modifications: We skillfully address significant or nuanced  life changes that may necessitate adjustments to existing custody arrangements.
  • Psychological Evaluations and Child Custody Investigations: Our firm coordinates the issues and witnesses  to ensure fair and thorough assessments and investigations, bolstering your position in custody disputes.

Why Trust Minyard Morris with Your Child Custody Case?

Choosing Minyard Morris means securing a partner who recognizes the critical importance of your child custody matters. We approach each case with utmost care, thorough preparation, and dedicated advocacy, knowing well that custody litigation offers few second chances.

For those in need of a knowledgeable and experienced child custody lawyer in Dana Point or throughout Orange County, Minyard Morris offers the passion, dedication and expertise necessary to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcomes. Contact us today at 949-724-1111 or use our online contact form to ensure your child custody case receives the attention and expertise it deserves.


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