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When people get married, they intend for their union to last. Marital strife, however, affects many couples and can arise for numerous reasons. While some couples weather marital storms, others choose to part ways.

The award-winning Orange County divorce lawyers at Minyard Morris are prepared to assist you if your marriage is coming to an end. Our team of 19 attorneys has nearly 300 years of collective experience and is dedicated to collaborating with each other to find solutions for family law clients. We understand how hard divorce is, and we are ready to provide you with compassionate, transparent and tireless advocacy during yours.

How Does The Divorce Process Work in Orange County?

In Orange County and throughout California, divorce is a four-part process. The different parts include:

  1. Filing for divorce: One spouse will file for divorce and the other will respond to their petition.
  2. Discovery: Spouses will share their financial information with each other and, with an attorney’s help, file subpoenas if necessary to request any missing details.
  3. Negotiations or court hearings: Couples can choose to go through mediation, where they will work out the issues of their divorce together. Or, if they cannot cooperate (or the divorce is a high-stakes event), they will resolve their issues through litigation.
  4. Completing the divorce: Couples will finalize their divorce in court once they have reached consensus (or a judge has made decisions) on all issues.

At Minyard Morris, we are committed to guiding you through the divorce process from beginning to end.

Why Should You Choose Minyard Morris?

Minyard Morris is known as the law firm that lawyers choose to represent them. Since our legal peers trust us to handle their divorce and family law issues, you can rest assured you will be in good hands with our team.

We have also received numerous awards and honors from major publications. Our attorneys have been recognized by Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers and Lawdragon for the caliber of their work.

Furthermore, we stay true to our values and take a unique team approach to every client’s case. We are dedicated to giving you our undivided attention, providing you with honest legal guidance and handling your affairs with integrity. We will also address your case in our group conferences (which happen three times each week), where all of our lawyers come together and collaborate on case strategies. When you work with one of our lawyers, you get the support of our whole team.

How Can Minyard Morris Help With Your Divorce?

Our firm is capable of handling all aspects of divorce cases, including:

  • Business concerns: We help Orange County business owners value their enterprises properly and retain ownership of them.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: We assist clients in working out parenting arrangements that work for everyone.
  • Child support: We prepare parents for their child support obligation and help them understand what their kids need to thrive.
  • High net worth issues: We assist high-asset individuals with the unique challenges they face during divorce proceedings.
  • Mediation: We support people seeking a more amicable way to end their marriage.
  • Property division: We strive to protect the property of our clients and ensure that property settlements are as fair as possible.
  • Spousal support: Spousal support plays a part in some – though not all – Orange County divorces. We partner with clients to determine whether it will be a factor in theirs.

Make An Appointment With A Fountain Valley Divorce Lawyer

If you are an Orange County resident considering or preparing for divorce, get a head start by booking a confidential consultation with one of our award-winning lawyers. We are eager to guide you through the divorce process and help you take steps to start afresh. Making an appointment is as simple as emailing us or calling 949-724-1111.


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