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When you are looking for divorce counsel, you want to hire a law firm that you know has a record of getting results. At Minyard Morris, that is what we do.

Our Mission Viejo divorce attorneys represent clients in Orange County in all aspects of family law In particular, we have a focus on high-asset and complex divorce. With almost 300 collective years of experience, our team has shown time and time and time again that it has what it takes to achieve a client’s goals in family law matters.

Mission Viejo Residents: Ask Critical Questions in Your First Meeting

When you meet with a divorce lawyer for the first time, especially one you’re considering hiring for your case, it’s crucial to address the issues that matter most to you. Discuss key aspects such as the expected outcomes regarding custody battles, the valuation range for any jointly-owned businesses, potential amounts for child and spousal support, and strategies for dividing assets. It’s important to scrutinize how the lawyer responds. Were their responses precise, constructive, and easy to understand, or did they seem evasive and ambiguous? Assess whether their replies instilled confidence or raised doubts about their suitability as your legal representative.

Consider if the interaction felt genuine or if it seemed like the attorney was merely telling you what you wanted to hear, possibly overselling their abilities. If the answers seemed overly favorable, it might be wise to seek a second opinion, as they could be unrealistic. Trust your instincts about whether you received a candid evaluation of your situation.

Remember, the initial consultation could be one of the most significant interactions with your attorney. To be a proactive and well-informed client, prepare by researching some of the fundamental legal issues pertinent to your case. This preparation will aid you in formulating insightful questions. Arrive at the consultation equipped with a list of specific questions, a written summary of relevant facts, and a straightforward breakdown of your assets and liabilities. This preparation will help make your discussion with the lawyer both efficient and effective.

A Large Team That Can Handle All Divorce Challenges

Our 19 Mission Viejo divorce attorneys are highly knowledgeable in the unique concerns that you face during a divorce, including:

Through our collaborative approach, we ensure that you always have coverage from an attentive attorney. You can reach us and expect prompt communication and our priority devotion to high client service.

We Are The Law Firm That Other Lawyers Hire

You can find hundreds of Orange County divorce lawyers to represent you. Why hire us? The answer is that our experience and results have earned us a sterling reputation in family law. We regularly represent fellow attorneys who are going through a divorce. Lawyers know who the best lawyers are like doctors know who the best doctors are.  This speaks to the high level of respect that we have earned through our years of achieving positive outcomes for our clients in their divorces.

Lawyers are as Different as Are Clients

Use our website to determine if we are the right lawyer for you and to learn that all lawyers are not created equal. Compare lawyers carefully before you retain.

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If you are looking for a Mission Viejo divorce lawyer, you can turn to Minyard Morris. Please call us at 949-724-1111 or send us an email to schedule your initial consultation.