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Welcome to Minyard Morris, where we have guided Orange County residents through family law challenges for over 45 years. Our firm is known for its creative and collaborative approach to divorce cases and our attorneys are respected for their integrity. We know that facing a divorce can be difficult, which is why we are committed to providing San Juan Capistrano residents with the knowledgeable and compassionate representation they deserve.

Navigating Your Divorce In San Juan Capistrano

Divorce is more than a legal process – it’s a life transition. Nonetheless, it is important to grasp your legal options intimately since they can affect your life going forward. California’s Family Code outlines specific procedures and requirements for divorces, and we will guide you through each step. From property division to child custody, we will help you understand your rights and the implications that the state’s rules have for your future.

Why Minyard Morris?

At Minyard Morris, we have numbers on our side. Our team of 19 attorneys has nearly 300 years of combined experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to every case. Moreover, we believe in a strategic, results-oriented approach and we hold weekly strategy meetings to collaborate on our cases. When you hire one of our divorce attorneys, you benefit from the ideas and insights of our whole team.

Family Law Services We Offer

At Minyard Morris, we cover all aspects of family law, including, but not limited to:

  • Divorce: We help clients handle the end of their marriages with dignity and respect.
  • Child custody and parenting plans: We guide parents toward custody arrangements that prioritize their children’s well-being and stability.
  • Spousal support: We work to find fair solutions to maintain our clients’ standard of living.
  • Property division: We strive to protect our clients’ assets and ensure a just distribution of their marital property.

We understand that each divorce is unique, and we are prepared to handle your specific needs with care and professionalism.

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If you live in San Juan Capistrano and are preparing for a divorce, let us represent you. We will stand by your side and provide the support you need as you end your marriage. Schedule a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers by calling 949-724-1111 or by completing our intake form.