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Many residents of Yorba Linda have found that a divorce can be far easier to deal with if you have the right legal team supporting you. Before you make the final decision as to whom to retain to represent you and your interests, do your homework. Compare lawyers, compare law firms and compare websites. What are they saying and what are they not saying? The choice for residents of Yorba Linda is quite simple.

Minyard Morris was established in 1977. We have been serving the residents of Yorba Linda for over 46 years. Our 19 divorce lawyers have almost 300 years of combined experience and all limit their practice exclusively to family law matters filed in Orange County. Our team includes 9 Family Law Certified Family Law Specialists certified by the State of California.

Many people wonder how we have been able to grow into the largest exclusively family law firm in Orange County. There are many reasons for our growth and success, not the least of which, we listen to our clients, hear their objectives, and work tirelessly to meet their goals with special attention to client service.  We work overtime to make our Yorba Linda clients—-former clients. We have a sense of urgency to resolve their cases so they can start the process of enjoying their next chapter in life.

We look for solutions from day one, not on the day before a trial or hearing.

In addition to divorce, we handle most areas of family law, including:

Although family law may involve child custody, domestic violence, and support, it is essentially a division of a partnership where the community assets are equally divided. This does not mean that each party receives 50% of each asset, but it does mean that the assets awarded to each person are equal in value.

Yorba Linda Residents: Key Discussions in Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

When engaging in an initial consultation with a divorce attorney, you are considering hiring, it is crucial to delve into the core issues of your case that you deem most critical. Be explicit in your inquiries regarding the possible outcomes related to custody, valuation of any jointly owned business, child and spousal support, strategies for asset division, and other pertinent topics. It’s important to assess the responses you receive. Were they precise, useful, and clear, or ambiguous and non-committal?

Reflect on how the attorney’s answers influenced your perception of their capabilities. Did they instill confidence, or did you find yourself questioning their suitability for your case? Be wary of responses that seem overly optimistic or tailored exclusively to what you might want to hear, as these can sometimes be misleading. If the responses seem too favorable without substantial backing, consider obtaining a second opinion.

Additionally, gauge whether the communication was transparent and provided a realistic evaluation of your situation. Remember, the initial consultation is likely the most significant interaction you’ll have with your potential lawyer.

To prepare effectively for this meeting, conduct targeted online research prior to your consultation to familiarize yourself with the foundational aspects of divorce law. This will equip you to ask more informed questions. Be prepared with a) a comprehensive list of questions, b) a written account of pertinent facts, and c) a straightforward rundown of your assets and liabilities. Such preparation ensures that your time with the attorney is both productive and cost-effective.

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