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At Minyard Morris, we understand that navigating child custody proceedings is not only complex but also emotionally taxing. Choosing the right child custody attorney for your case is crucial as it significantly impacts your  future and that of your children. In Orange County, where over 600 attorneys handle child custody cases, finding the ideal lawyer tailored to your needs is challenging, yet essential. There are many lawyers practicing in and around Anaheim Hills and thus it is easy to find ‘a’ lawyer. The goal is to retain the ‘right’ child custody lawyer for you and your case.

Why Choosing the Right Lawyer Matters

It’s important to recognize that not all lawyers are created equal in their skill sets or enthusiasm for  child custody cases. Many attorneys accept  child custody disputes simply to support their practice, despite preferring handling any other type of case. This is why having just any lawyer isn’t enough—you need the right lawyer. Selecting an attorney without the necessary expertise or dedication can adversely affect your future and that of your children for years, possibly until they reach adulthood.

Our Family Law Expertise at Minyard Morris

Minyard Morris has specialized in family law since 1977, focusing exclusively on cases filed in Orange County to maintain a sharp edge in local judicial proceedings. Our firm boasts a team of 19 dedicated divorce lawyers, including 8 Certified Family Law Specialists, certified by the California State Bar and 3 who have successfully passed the certification examination. We rely on  nearly 300 years of collective experience to assist us and add to our ability to craft strategic solutions and navigate the complexities of child custody matters with precision, care, and efficiency.

We have consciously chosen not to dilute our expertise by operating in multiple counties. This decision allows us to dedicate 100% of our time and resources to maintaining the highest level of familiarity with local practice and the dynamics of the Orange County courts, to the benefit of the clients we represent in the Anaheim Hills area.

Specialized Services in Child Custody Matters

Child custody is perhaps the most significant and stressful challenge in family law. Our lawyers are adept at handling a wide range of child custody-related issues, including but not limited to:

  • Parental alienation
  • Child relocation requests
  • Legal and physical custody conflicts
  • Modifications of existing child custody orders
  • Psychological evaluations involving 730 experts
  • Comprehensive Child Custody Investigations (CCI)

Each case is unique, and mistakes in handling child custody matters can be irreversible, making the choice of  your attorney all the more critical. The broad discretion judges have in these cases makes successful appeals difficult at best, and modifications to orders requires significant changes in circumstances—not merely a parent’s desire for more time with their child.

Why Trust Minyard Morris with Your Child Custody Case?

At Minyard Morris, we recognize the pivotal importance of child custody issues to our clients. We approach each case with the level of attention it demands, fully aware that generally there are no dress rehearsals or second chances in child custody litigation.

Trust us to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf in this critical area of family law. If you find yourself needing a reliable, experienced child custody lawyer in Anaheim Hills or anywhere in Orange County, contact Minyard Morris to ensure your rights and the well-being of your children are safeguarded.  Call us at 949-724-1111 or use our online contact form to discuss how we can assist you in this critical time.


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