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When you’re a senior facing divorce in Anaheim Hills, finding the appropriate attorney to handle your unique needs is crucial. At this stage in your life, it’s essential to choose established experts in any professional field, particularly when it concerns family law.

Minyard Morris boasts a team of 19 attorneys specializing exclusively in family law, with a collective experience nearing 300 years. Our practice is dedicated solely to family law cases in Orange County, a focus we’ve maintained for over four decades. Our firm’s growth to become the largest in the county for family law is a result of our outstanding client outcomes and exceptional service. We have been serving the residents of Anaheim Hills since 1976.  As a matter of fact, founding partner Mark Minyard and his family called Anaheim Hills home for many years.

Divorce proceedings for Anaheim Hills seniors can involve unique considerations compared to those of younger couples. These might include the handling of retirement plans already in distribution, changes in income due to the end of active employment, or adjustments to living arrangements like business sales or home downsizing.

Why Minyard Morris?

Can smaller firms with fewer years of experience match the capabilities of a larger, more seasoned firm like ours? A thorough comparison of different attorneys’ websites will make this decision straightforward. Minyard Morris combines the resources necessary for handling any legal challenge with the personalized attention each Anaheim Hills client deserves.

Legal Questions for Seniors Who Divorce

Seniors contemplating divorce face specific legal questions, such as:

  • Social Security Benefits: A spouse is not entitled to half of your Social Security payments but may receive derivative benefits that don’t impact your own payments. These benefits are considered when calculating spousal support.
  • Spousal Support and Age: There is no automatic cessation of spousal support at age 65. It’s determined by income, not age, but a court won’t impute income for a spouse beyond this age.
  • Continuation of Spousal Support Post-Retirement: Spousal support can continue if the retired individual still receives income from investments and retirement plans.

Are You a Senior Considering Divorce? Call Our Anaheim Hills Family Law Firm

When you have a need to consult with a family law attorney, contact the Orange County firm of Minyard Morris. Allow us to assist you during this challenging time as your family law attorney and your trusted advisor.  Call us at 949-724-1111 or contact us online to learn how we can guide you to a favorable resolution.


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