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Experienced Orange County Divorce Attorneys For Couples In Santa Ana

When you end your marriage, you deserve to have an experienced attorney by your side to provide guidance and create a legal strategy that supports your interests. At Minyard Morris, we have supported clients in Santa Ana and other cities in Orange County for over four decades. Using over 295 years of combined experience, our team can help you navigate complicated divorce issues and efficiently create innovative divorce solutions.

Championing Your Interests During Every Stage Of The Divorce Process

Navigating the divorce process in California can be complex, and having the right guidance can help you approach this process with confidence. Whether you are considering your options, preparing to file a divorce petition or trying to safeguard your interests during the divorce process, our experienced Santa Ana divorce lawyers can provide you with advice, discretion and compassion.

Focused On Reaching Fair Solutions For Property Division

You deserve to receive fifty percent of the property and money that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. Reaching this solution can require a detail-oriented approach, a deep understanding of California’s property distribution laws and fierce negotiation skills. Our attorneys’ decades of experience allow us to create innovative solutions for even the most complex situations.

Protecting Your Finances When Issues Of Spousal Support Arise

In cases where one spouse has significantly greater income than the other, spousal support (also called alimony) can ease the challenges they may face after their marriage ends. Whether you wonder whether alimony could help you or you worry about the impact of paying spousal support, our experienced Orange County family law attorneys can help you preserve your financial health.

Helping Families Navigate Issues Of Custody, Visitation And Support

When parents divorce, they must also make decisions about how they will support their child after their marriage ends. Whether you need to establish paternity to preserve your relationship with your child or wonder what your family will look like after divorce, protecting your family may depend on making informed decisions. At Minyard Morris, our Santa Ana family law attorneys can help you work toward a solution that supports your child’s well-being and protects your parental rights.

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Our website serves as a resource for individuals seeking legal counsel for a divorce. It is predicated on the principle that the optimal attorney-client relationship is founded on professional skill, reliability, trustworthiness, and confidentiality.

This website is meticulously structured to provide a view of our legal services, philosophies and methodologies. Our objective is to provide you with a view of our firm that allows for a critical and informed comparative analysis between our firm and its lawyers and others in Orange County.

Our objective is to allow potential clients to see the scope of services provided, the geographic area that we serve and the experience of working with one of our 19 Orange County lawyers. Additionally, it encompasses a suite of articles and resources pertaining to divorce and custody, aimed at demystifying the legal process for prospective clients.

We encourage prospective clients to utilize these educational resources extensively and invite them to arrange a consultative session when the time is right.

In summary, our website is designed to assist individuals in making an informed decision in selecting the most suitable legal representation for their unique circumstances.

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If you are a resident of Santa Ana looking to build a strategy that protects what matters most to you in divorce, experienced guidance is only a phone call away. Call the divorce lawyers at Minyard Morris at 949-416-2773 or reach out to our team online to schedule a confidential consultation.