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Divorce is often a challenging and emotionally draining process, but it doesn’t always have to involve contentious court battles. In Santa Ana, many couples are turning to mediation as a preferable alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Mediation offers a pathway to resolve your differences amicably, can significantly reduce the costs and duration of divorce proceedings, and help maintain a cooperative relationship with your spouse, which is particularly beneficial in custody arrangements.

Mediation allows the parties to retain far more control of their case and their futures from pursuing the traditional litigation path.  You need to select a lawyer for your mediation who has the training and experience to successfully mediate your divorce. Since 1977, the Orange County family law firm of Minyard Morris has passionately worked to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Does Divorce Mediation Minimize Attorney’s Fees?

There are many situations where parties elect to mediate their Orange County divorce in an effort to avoid spending money on divorce lawyers, a logical objective. In certain situations, this is not only wise, but necessary due to a lack of funds. However, where the parties do have funds available for legal representation, pursuing divorce mediation (without the assistance of a divorce lawyer) may ultimately be a very expensive mistake – “penny wise and pound foolish” as the saying goes.

You should also consider the net economic cost of saving money by not paying an Orange County divorce attorney, and ending up with a losing settlement that costs up to three, five or ten times as much as you saved by not paying a lawyer.

Does the Better Negotiator Have an Advantage in Mediation?

A critical part of every divorce settlement is the negotiation of its terms. Often times, parties going through a divorce believe that the divorce laws will dictate the results of the settlement. The laws provide the general structure of a settlement, but the laws are often very nuanced and the law must be applied correctly to the facts in each case. It is a mistake to believe that the involvement of a divorce mediator minimizes the importance of negotiation. The parties negotiate with each other, face to face, in the mediation process.  Often times the divorce mediator will intentionally or inadvertently be negotiating in favor of, or against, one party in order to achieve a settlement. It is important to understand the mediator’s mentality. The mediator wants to achieve a settlement and counts settlements as wins. This is not the same as saying that a mediator wants to achieve a fair settlement.  A party not experienced or trained in negotiation will generally be at a significant disadvantage.

How can a party negotiate a reasonable or fair divorce settlement if they do not know the divorce laws and nuances? How can a party know which issues to push and which issues to concede? When negotiators are hired in business, politics, sports, or any other field, the person hired is an expert in that particular field. You would not hire a sports agent to negotiate the sale of a business. Likewise, it would not be the wisest course of action to attempt to negotiate a divorce settlement if you lack insight from an experienced Santa Ana divorce lawyer.

Mediation can be a less stressful, more collaborative, and more cost-effective way to handle your divorce. By carefully choosing a qualified and experienced lawyer to mediate your divorce, you can pave the way for a smoother transition into the next chapter of your life. Santa Ana residents considering divorce should explore this option to potentially save time, money, and stress while protecting the interests of any children involved.

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