Family Law Self-Help

This page is designed to assist the individual who wants to explore options as to how to file for divorce, has family law questions, or desires to access the family law courts but has limited economic means to retain a lawyer or professional assistance. Here you will find links to websites that should be helpful.

Orange County

Public Law Center of Orange County

The Public Law Center of Orange County matches lawyers who provide pro bono services with individuals who are victims of  domestic violence. The center also staffs self-help clinics for victims of domestic violence. The center does not provide family law representation.


The Legal Aid Society of Orange County

The Legal Aid Society of Orange County provides three levels of help to the public. This non-profit provides direct  attorney representation to individuals, provides self-help clinics, and refers individuals to lawyers (LEAP attorneys) who have agreed to handle family matters on a lower cost basis. They also service parts of Los Angeles County.


Veterans Legal Institute

The VLI provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless and low income current and former Service members.


Orange County Bar Association-Lawyer Referral Service (L.R.I.S.)

The Orange County Bar Association staffs a lawyer referral service that refers individuals to panel lawyers who handle family law matters on a lower cost basis.


California Child Support Guideline Calculator

This site hosts the statewide child support calculator used to determine guideline child support. Use of this calculator will assist you in determining the guideline child support for any specific set of circumstances.


California Courts Free and Low Cost Legal Help

This site provides an overall summary for free and low cost legal help.


California Courts Divorce and Separation Information

This site has a wealth of self-help information about divorce and separation. It includes very helpful information on filing for divorce, responding to a divorce filing, child support, spousal support, custody, and many other areas.


California Court Self-Help Center

This site is a self-help center that offers detailed procedural information regarding family law matters. It provides details regarding self-help centers, self-help workshops, and self-help resources. It explains how to obtain a ‘fee waiver’  when filing for divorce.


Superior Court: Ending a Marriage Information

This site explains how to file for divorce, grounds for divorce, options, disclosure requirements, and forms.


Superior Court Self-Help Workshops

This site is the Orange County Superior Court’s self-help website for divorce matters.

This site provides an excellent low cost way for divorced parents to share a joint calendar for their child related events. It facilitates communication on a private message board that documents each person’s positions and comments. The site provides an expense log which can be very helpful in tracking joint child related expenses.


California Department of Child Support Services

This California state agency assists individuals obtain and enforce child support orders.


Joint Custody Schedules

This site provides six model custody schedules that can be helpful in developing a mutually acceptable custody schedule for parties who are attempting to resolve issues on an amiable basis.


Custody and Visitation Examples

This site provides model custody schedules and can be helpful in creating mutually acceptable solutions.


Los Angeles County

Levitt & Quinn

Levitt & Quinn is a  non-profit family law center serving Los Angeles county. This firm provides family law legal services for poor and low-income people. The firm provides legal representation at divorce court hearings and trials and provides legal advice and counsel in family law cases impacting the safety and well-being of children.


The Legal Aid Society of Orange County

The Legal Aid Society of Orange County also serves parts of Los Angeles County. It provides three levels of services in family law matters: direct attorney representation, self-help clinics, and a lawyer referral service.


Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law

The Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law serves Los Angeles County relative to cases involving domestic violence, custody, divorce, paternity and support. The center provides a self-help center, direct attorney representation, and has a pro-bono panel of lawyers and paralegals serving in the family law area.