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3 tips for a successful uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Divorce

Everyone knows what a contentious, spiteful divorce looks like. Maybe you experienced one already or know someone who went through the experience. However, you do not have to go through that process. If both sides decide to break up amicably, you can have a peaceful and relatively less expensive divorce.

According to the California Courts Self-Help Guide, you do not need to divide your property in court. A judge may approve your property division plan that you write with a mediator. Mediation is not for everyone. Continue reading to learn three tips to prepare for an uncontested divorce.

1. Put children first

Courts always put the needs of the children first. Mediation outside of court should be no different. Divorce is never easy on children, but an amicable divorce might help them process the change. Parents must put away their differences and work together regarding the kids.

2. Stick to your priorities

Unfortunately, many people’s amicable divorce fails because they cannot let go of small details. They start arguing over every aspect of the separation, end up in court and waste everyone’s time. Create a list of your top priorities and prepare to let anything else outside of that list go.

3. Be honest with your assets

Come to the table with all your relevant information. Do not make your spouse hire a forensic accountant to find all your assets. An amicable divorce requires a certain amount of trust, and hiding your assets makes trust impossible.

Putting your children’s needs first, focusing on the big picture and negotiating in good faith are just three parts of an uncontested divorce. Be honest with yourself. If you or your spouse cannot handle one of these aspects, you should skip mediation and go straight to court.